Commitment to Customer Service and Quality for Queensland Constructions

At Kleva Konstructions, our high level of service is based on four key principles:

  • To listen to and understand your needs.
  • To build a beneficial relationship with you and others who can help you achieve your goals.
  • To provide a strong customer service focus.
  • To deliver a quality product and service.
Kleva Konstructions
Kleva Konstructions

Commitment to Safety

The construction industry is a unique industry in terms of safety challenges and advancements. While construction methods and techniques have improved consistently, increasing industry efficiency and productivity, the accident incidence rate for construction continues to be of concern.

Effective preventative measures must be identified and successfully applied. At Kleva Konstructions, we understand that accidents are prevented through careful planning, training and cooperative efforts in all areas of our operations. Therefore safety is the responsibility of every employee and contractor, and this philosophy is applied through training and work practices from day one of employment or contract.

All work by Kleva Konstructions’ people is performed in the safest manner possible consistent with good construction practices.

Commitment to Our Environment

Kleva Konstructions is committed to managing the environment in a positive way by:

  • Adopting the environmental controls specified for a project in accordance with client, legislative and regulatory controls;
  • Adopting appropriate site pollution control measures for soil, material spoils, wastewater and chemicals; and reduce, where possible, the environmental impact of our operations by minimising our waste, discharges and emissions, and using resources and energy more efficiently;
  • Monitoring the environmental behaviour of employees and subcontractors to ensure the protection of the environment, through the provision of information, supervision and training;
  • Ensuring compliance with the environmental protection practices of local authorities.
Kleva Konstructions

For great customer service and quality, safe and environmentally aware construction solutions,

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