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Our builders at Kleva Konstructions have extensive experience in the construction of commercial and industrial facilities including tilt panel construction..

Offering innovative solutions to the sometimes challenging building projects we encounter, while ensuring that no unnecessary costs are incurred, is all part of the service you receive from Kleva Konstructions.

We Offer Affordable High Quality Construction

Through fostering good relationships with a wide range of high-quality subcontractors, we have ready access to the resources we need, when we need them, to ensure that your project is completed on time with a minimum of fuss.

When it comes to tackling both large and small projects of developers, private entities and civil contractors, Kleva Konstructions is continually striving to exceed the expectations of our clients.

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The Biolytix Factory by Kleva Konstructions.

Construction of a 3,600sqm tilt panel and structural steel factory to house a 350-tonne plastic injection extrusion moulding machine, one of the first of its kind in Australia, which needed to be placed in a sunken metre deep concrete pit. The project also involved the construction of suspended carparks at the front end of the building, with 110,000 litres of water tanks to be installed underneath the carpark.

A warehouse by Kleva Konstructions.

Design and construction project consisting of a tilt panel constructed building, framed with structural steel portals and full span rafters. The slab consists of fully reinforced 32 mpa concrete sitting on perimeter foundation beams and pile caps on timber piles driven to a depth of 35 metres. The warehouse has a metal roof with vents inserted for the full length of the roof in sections. On the carpark side are four large roller doors, utilised to access the warehouse. Attached to the main warehouse is a small fully ducted air-conditioned office and amenities block consisting of disabled, female and male toilets. The office area has a kitchen and offices with a separate meeting or boardroom area.

The external area consists of a large concrete pavement stretching from the doors to the warehouse and across to the adjacent gravel hardstand for setting down of materials and truck parking. On the hardstand is a wash bay large enough to wash equipment and trucks.

Commercial offices by Kleva Konstructions.

Tilt panel construction of a row of commercial offices and car parking area.

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